By far, the most significant evidence for Creation and against Evolution is the fact that life can only originate from life.  Chemicals are not our ancestors.  Our living intelligent omnipotent Creator God brought forth life (Genesis 1:20, 30; 2:7).  Consider the following.

The Law of Bio-genesis

The law of bio-genesis (life from life) is what we observe in science.  The concept of spontaneous generation (life from non-life, such as organic chemicals) was roundly refuted by Louis Pasteur.

Miller and Urey failed to produce life in their famous experiment.  They produced a few left-handed amino acids, but had to isolate them from the equal number of right-handed amino acids also randomly produced.  Left and right-handed amino acids tend to combine naturally, but life only consists of left-handed amino acids.  In addition, life could not have chemically evolved either in an oxygen-rich or non-oxygen environment.  Organic chemicals would either oxidize or be destroyed by radiation respectively.  God created life with the ability to thrive in an oxygen-rich environment.

DNA – Life is way too Complex

Life in just one cell is way too complex to evolve.  Cells are made up of thousands of proteins.  The probability of just one average protein of about 300 left-handed amino acids forming in the correct sequence and folding just the right way is astronomically impossible.  DNA is an extremely complex protein required as the “blueprint” for life in every cell.  In a cell, the myriad of proteins and “biofactories” must all be working simultaneously and certainly could not have evolved in small incremental steps as Darwin proposed.  We call this irreducible complexity.  The information in DNA could only come from intelligence.


               Harmful Genetic Mutations

Scientific evidence does not support many random beneficial genetic mutations.  But that is exactly what evolution requires – thousands to millions of incremental favorable properly sequenced mutations.  Genetic mutations are mostly neutral, but if there is a mutation which has an effect on the organism, the overwhelming probability is that it is harmful.  Even though a sickle cell mutation can have the benefit of reducing the chance of malaria, it is still a harmful disease.  Harmful mutations causing all kinds of disease would be eliminated by natural selection (adaptation).  In the same way, natural selection would eliminate a less viable organism, which is supposedly evolving one type of organ into a new one, such scales to wings.

Evolutionist Richard Dawkins is so convinced that life can only come from life, that he holds to the theory of Panspermia – that life had to be seeded on earth by some extraterrestrial intelligence.

If you have an opportunity to challenge your unbelieving friends with these facts, perhaps you can plant some seeds of doubt concerning their evolutionary beliefs.  The hope is that you may open the door to a Gospel witness in which the Holy Spirit could have an eternal impact in their lives.