Natural selection, as defined by Darwin, and endorsed by so many people, is a substitute for God’s amazing purpose and design in Creation.  It misrepresents the real cause of the earth’s biodiversity.  Purpose and design are inseparable.  In engineering and architecture, designs of machines and buildings always have a purpose.  God’s purpose for the biodiversity He created in living organisms and man was to “…be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth…” (Gen 1:28).  Evolution is a blind purposeless process.  It denies purpose because purpose implies intelligence.  Evolution uses “magical words” when it refers to biological features that simply “appeared,” “emerged,” “arose,” “burst onto the scene,” or “evolved themselves.”

We observe and can quantify design everywhere in Creation and it requires specifications from a designer.  Evolutionists claim that “natural selection” is nature’s so-called design process. Darwin thought environmental factors somehow caused organisms to change their traits – that somehow nature “selects” the fittest for survival.  He had no concept of genetics.

Today’s “neo-Darwinian” evolutionists claim genetic mutations are the mechanism for natural selection.  This is impossible because mutations are rare and almost always harmful. Not only that, but most biological functions require many parts working together at the same time for an intended purpose.  These functions could not have evolved in single small incremental steps as Darwin proposed.  In any case, natural selection can only “select” traits that already exist and are  beneficial to the organism.  It cannot develop new traits.

The observed reality is that biological traits and functions are directed by the DNA blueprint that God placed in all of life.  DNA holds the biological plans and specifications for life.  It is the most information rich entity known.  Genetic mutations are either changes or reductions in DNA information.  Information can only originate or increase if there is an intelligent designer.

The term “natural selection” is an illusion. Nature is inanimate.  As even evolutionist Ernst Mayr said, “…’nature’ never ‘selects’ anything.”  Much better terms to use are adaptation and variation.  And even that adaptation only occurs within “kinds,” not between them.  We should glorify our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ, for the awesome biodiversity of Creation because He placed a rich gene pool in every member of the plant and animal kingdoms and mankind.  He designed and created fully formed organisms, with the genetic information needed for them to diversify, multiply, fill, and fit their environments. Truly all living beings are fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are His works.