About Creation Matters Ministries

dad_colorCreation Matters Ministries is an educational ministry directing the reader to the truth of Creation as described in the Bible and supported by scientific evidence.  Our goal is to bring glory to God. Our passion is to proclaim the truth of God as Creator.  Our mission is to show the importance of accepting the first eleven chapters of Genesis literally since it is foundational to a proper biblical worldview.  Our hope is to prepare hearts to receive the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by breaking down evolutionary barriers. The “C” logo shows a three-colored originating circle representing our Triune God spinning off (creating) the universe.

There are resources and links found here plus you may have the speaker, Jack Snyder, present this information to your group. Mr. Snyder is a retired Air Force meteorologist and has taught science and math at the high school and college level.  He is ordained and has served as an assistant pastor for over twenty years.  He has degrees in Geophysics from Virginia Tech and Meteorology from the University of Utah, and a Masters of Science in Information and Computer Science from Georgia Tech. Mr. Snyder currently resides with his wife and youngest son in Melbourne, Florida.

The website name has a double meaning.  First of all, Creation is important, it matters, because it is foundational to the authority of the Word of God.  Most major doctrines of the Bible are introduced in the book of Genesis.  For one to allegorize away the literal fact of a six-day Creation undermines these doctrines and opens one up to simply pick and choose what he wants to believe in the rest of the Bible.  Secondly, there are many matters (issues) related to both a biblical and scientific perspective of Creation.  A biblical creationist worldview is presented and the weaknesses of evolutionary theory are contrasted with true science.