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The Mother of all Lies

Denying the truth of Genesis is the "Mother of all lies." Today, our culture is full of lies and misinformation.  We are fast approaching the situation in George Orwell’s classic, 1984, where the Ministry of Truth disseminated lies, propaganda and misinformation.  Our information gatekeepers (mainstream media and the tech giants) are currently in league with [...]

May 11th, 2021|Creation Matters Ministries|0 Comments

What about Extraterrestrial Life?

  Evolved or Created? We know God created two forms of intelligent life – angels and mankind. Popular science fiction adds a third form of intelligent life that evolved – extraterrestrial intelligent life (ETIL).  It’s still fiction because even with all the billions of dollars spent in search of ETIL, none has been found. Christians should [...]

April 17th, 2021|Creation Matters Ministries|0 Comments


If anything, the process of metamorphosis, should point us to the incredible design of our Creator God, and put to rest the foolishness of biological evolution.  The term “metamorphosis” comes from the Greek term metamorphoo, which means to be transformed or changed into another form.  We use the term for the amazing transformation that takes [...]

April 5th, 2021|Creation Matters Ministries|0 Comments

Prayers for our Nation

In view of the pandemic and many difficulties confronting us in our nation and others around the world, Christians should be employing their most powerful weapon – that of prayer to our Creator (Ephesians 6:18).  The following is a suggested framework of prayer for America or one’s nation.  Details and specifics can be added.   [...]

March 16th, 2021|Creation Matters Ministries|0 Comments

The Rainbow

Bristol (England)-based wildlife filmmaker Sam Rowley, 25, captured this stunning image of a circular rainbow with his drone during a camping trip near Invergarry in Scotland, the United Kingdom on 21 August.  A circular rainbow is known as a “glory.” The rainbow is a beautiful God-designed natural phenomenon.  The first rainbow was seen by Noah [...]

February 16th, 2021|Creation Matters Ministries|0 Comments

God’s Trinitarian Creation and Institutions

From eternity past God has always been a relational God.  His trinitarian nature is revealed in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  He communed within Himself when He made man - "Let us make man in our image" (Gen 1:26).  God designed the whole creation as relational and often trinitarian as well.  For example: the space-time-matter [...]

February 6th, 2021|Creation Matters Ministries|0 Comments