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Biblical Economics

We're hearing much in the news these days about socialism versus capitalism.  Jesus talked more about money and personal finances than any other subject.  That's because it's a heart issue. The Bible says "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (Matt 6:21).  But even on a national scale, there are many [...]

Medical Ethics – Part 2

God has always shown special care for the weakest members of society.  Jesus under-girded His Gospel message with miraculous healings and acts of compassion (Matt 14:14, Luke 7:22, Luke 11:1-46).  Today, technology has advanced to the point where we are often forced to make difficult ethical decisions when it comes to medical acts of compassion.  [...]

Medical Ethics – Part 1

There are many ethical issues concerning the value of life and medical practices which are tied directly to whether one comes from a creationist or evolutionary worldview.  The creationist view draws directly from Genesis 1:27: So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created [...]

What About Natural Selection?

Natural selection, as defined by Darwin, and endorsed by so many people, is a substitute for God's amazing purpose and design in Creation.  It misrepresents the real cause of the earth's biodiversity.  Purpose and design are inseparable.  In engineering and architecture, designs of machines and buildings always have a purpose.  God's purpose for the biodiversity [...]

Life comes only from Life

By far, the most significant evidence for Creation and against Evolution is the fact that life can only originate from life.  Chemicals are not our ancestors.  Our living intelligent omnipotent Creator God brought forth life (Genesis 1:20, 30; 2:7).  Consider the following. The Law of Bio-genesis The law of bio-genesis (life from life) is what we [...]

Idols of Our Time

Since God (Jesus Christ) is the Creator and sovereign of the universe, all mankind is accountable to Him (John 1:1-3, Isa 45:22, 23).  In the end "...every knee will bow...and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord..." (Php 2:10-11).  Unfortunately, most people, even whole cultures, have chosen to reject their Creator and instead [...]

The March for Science

Recently there was a large march in Washington, D.C. called the March for Science.  I love science.  God is the author of science.  But if the march participants hold to these statements, I really question their view of science.  What is science?  Simply stated, science is knowledge.  More specifically, science is "systematized knowledge derived from [...]

The Animals on Noah’s Ark

God sent air-breathing animals onto Noah's Ark (Gen 6:20, 7:15).  The “unclean” (see Deuteronomy 14:7-19 & Leviticus 11:2-31) came in pairs (a male and female) and the clean animals came in sevens – probably three male-female pairs plus one extra for Noah’s first sacrifice (Gen 8:20).  This is the workweek and Sabbath pattern.  As Matthew [...]

Fossil Facts

The fossil record is often cited as evidence for evolution. But actually it provides support for a biblical creationist worldview.  As in all aspects of the Creation vs. Evolution debate, each side follows certain pre-suppositions.  The creationist presupposes an eternal supernatural Creator God, design, thousands of years, abrupt changes, and catastrophism.  While the evolutionist presupposes [...]

Man and his Environment

What is a biblical perspective of environmentalism?  God as the Creator and owner of the earth (Isaiah 45:12, Psalm 24:1) has mandated that mankind should take stewardship or dominion over the earth’s physical and biological realms.  A good term for this is conservation  - the act of preserving, protecting and properly managing the earth’s natural [...]