A Christian’s salvation does not depend on whether he or she believes the earth is old or young.  However, studies show that those who hold to an old earth position (they define as older than 12,000 years) do not strongly support biblical inerrancy[1]. The issue boils down to whether we believe in the supremacy of scripture or the supremacy of science.  It’s an issue of authority.  Old earth creationism is an oxymoron.  It opens the door to the acceptance of evolution and naturalistic atheism – to the denial of a Creator God.  Whether old earth creationists (OECs) hold to evolution or not, they believe in long ages of time (millions and billions of years).  These long ages are incompatible with scripture.  OECs want to fit in with “mainstream” science, but since when is scientific truth confirmed by majority rule?  Mainstream evolution is not a fact but a theory at best.  Unlike legitimate scientific theories, it cannot be tested, repeated, or falsified.  Actually, the whole spectrum of evolution, from the Big Bang to the development  of man on earth, is full of assumptions, some of which are flat out wrong.  The position one takes on origins is based on assumptions and an interpretation of scientific fact.  This debate is not one of science vs. religion, but of worldviews.  Following are the first five of ten areas where scientific facts show a young earth creationist interpretation to be the more reasonable position on the issue of origins.  The second half of this list will appear in a future blog.


  1. Scientific Laws support young earth creation

Law of cause and effect – what caused the beginning of the universe? Ans: God.

First Law of Thermodynamics – what made and conserves matter?  Ans: God.

Second Law of Thermodynamics – useful energy, complexity and information don’t increase by natural means.  The universe had to have a beginning; it can’t be eternal.

Law of Biogenesis – life from non-life (spontaneous generation) has been proven impossible.

Universal constants and anthropomorphic principle – our universe and earth is not the lucky outcome of a random “multiverse” lottery.  God created it for man.

  1. DNA and the complexity of life support young earth creation

Chirality makes protein formation by natural means impossible.

An oxygen rich or depleted primal atmosphere is a “Catch -22” situation for evolution.

DNA, an extremely complex language required for all life, could never have evolved.

We are only now discovering epigenetic functions God programmed into DNA.


  1. Natural Selection supports young earth creation

Better terms for natural selection are designed adaptability or variation

Natural selection happens only within, not between, kinds.  This does not extrapolate to (macro)evolution.

Nature cannot select; organisms have a God-designed genetic ability to adapt

Selection/adaptation can only occur when beneficial traits have been expressed (by the genetic code).

Mutations (rare and usually harmful) are an inadequate mechanism for natural selection.

New traits and functions are often irreducibly complex (many changes required together).

New DNA information does not arise naturally.

“Mitochondrial Eve” is now dated as recent as 6,000 yrs ago.


  1. Radiometric dating supports young earth creation

Radiometric dating is often very inconsistent or erroneous.

Assumption that radiocarbon (C-14) has reached equilibrium in the atmosphere is false – estimated radiocarbon dates are too old.

Differences in earth’s ancient biosphere and magnetic field make estimated radiocarbon dates too old.

C-14 (which is only detectable at a maximum age of 100,000 years) has been detected in fossils and diamonds supposedly millions/billions of years old.

Polonium halos and fission tracks indicate accelerated nuclear decay.

Existence of helium and its measured diffusion rate indicate a young earth.


  1. Fossils support young earth creation

They must be buried rapidly (as in a flood) and formed under certain conditions.

Soft tissue has been found in dinosaur and other fossils.

Polystrate fossils penetrate multiple strata supposedly laid down over long ages.

Life (in the fossil record) appeared suddenly – called the “Cambrian explosion.”

Lucy (Australopithecines) was a chimp – feet not bipedal.

Neanderthals were human – larger brain, human attributes.

Archaeopteryx was a bird – there is no reasonable explanation of feather evolution.

98% human-chimp genome similarity is only 85% (more recent research).

Evolutionists (Gould, Stanley, among others) admit missing links are still missing.


A following blog (Part 2 of 2) will list the second five of ten areas showing a young earth creationist interpretation to be the more reasonable position.

[1] https://answersingenesis.org/is-the-bible-true/old-earth-theology-factor-explains-inconsistent-belief-inerrancy-among-florida-southern-baptists/