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Our goal is to bring glory to God. Our passion is to proclaim the authority of the Word of God. Our mission is to show the truth of God as Creator in accepting the first eleven chapters of Genesis literally since they are foundational to a proper biblical worldview. Our hope is to prepare hearts to receive the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by breaking down evolutionary barriers.

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If anything, the process of metamorphosis, should point us to the incredible design of our Creator God, and put to rest the foolishness of biological evolution.  The term “metamorphosis” comes from the Greek term metamorphoo, which means to be transformed or changed into another form.  We use the term for [...]

Prayers for our Nation

In view of the pandemic and many difficulties confronting us in our nation and others around the world, Christians should be employing their most powerful weapon – that of prayer to our Creator (Ephesians 6:18).  The following is a suggested framework of prayer for America or one’s nation.  Details and [...]

The Rainbow

Bristol (England)-based wildlife filmmaker Sam Rowley, 25, captured this stunning image of a circular rainbow with his drone during a camping trip near Invergarry in Scotland, the United Kingdom on 21 August.  A circular rainbow is known as a “glory.” The rainbow is a beautiful God-designed natural phenomenon.  The first [...]

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