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Our goal is to bring glory to God. Our passion is to proclaim the authority of the Word of God. Our mission is to show the truth of God as Creator in accepting the first eleven chapters of Genesis literally since they are foundational to a proper biblical worldview. Our hope is to prepare hearts to receive the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by breaking down evolutionary barriers.

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The Essential Church

The recent movie The Essential Church is an excellent illustration of the conflict between church and state during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020-21. It addresses the important issue of if and when Christians must disobey civil government. The institution we call government is one of the three main institutions ordained [...]

The Mother of all Lies

Denying the truth of Genesis is the "Mother of all lies." Today, our culture is full of lies and misinformation.  We are fast approaching the situation in George Orwell’s classic, 1984, where the Ministry of Truth disseminated lies, propaganda and misinformation.  Our information gatekeepers (mainstream media and the tech giants) [...]

What about Extraterrestrial Life?

  Evolved or Created? We know God created two forms of intelligent life – angels and mankind. Popular science fiction adds a third form of intelligent life that evolved – extraterrestrial intelligent life (ETIL).  It’s still fiction because even with all the billions of dollars spent in search of ETIL, none [...]

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